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Simple and intuitive, this revolutionary tool assesses psychological communication preferences. The profile is made up of comprehensive graphs and in-depth descriptions, empowering you to examine and understand your most effective communication tool: yourself.

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Terra or Empire

Introducing a strategic team-building activity inspired by the game Risk® where teams challenge one another in fun and collaborative games in order to win regions from their competition.

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Our traditional iBingo game has been upgraded to make it more interactive, collaborative and fun.

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The Bandit

In today’s increasingly remote work environment, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our true strength lies in working together as a united team, with a common purpose.

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The World Café

The World Café is an ideal team-building experience for identifying new sales objectives, creating a new corporate culture, designing a new service or product and any initiative that could only work by harnessing the experience and knowledge of each member of your team.

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Activité d'équipe avec des spaghettis

Spaghetti Challenge

Our special twist on this popular design challenge will get your team engaged in a fine balancing act of managing predictable human behaviours as they deal with the effects of egos, doubt, and frustration to deliver a product within a very tight timeline.

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Teddy, Set, Go!

Teddy, Set, Go! is a social giveback team-building activity that allows participants to bring a sense of safety and support by creating a little superhero to be given to a child in need.

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The Panda Tower

The Panda Tower is our exclusive program designed for the Canadian Olympic Committee to help explore how actions toward achieving short-term goals impact future growth and success. The name of the program is inspired by the panda, which is a symbol of conservation and a reminder of the importance of balance and wisdom.

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Our Method Offers More

Everything we do must add value to your organization. Our priority is to ensure that you are doing team building for the right reasons. To be effective, team building should have an objective, tackle a problem, provide a lesson and most importantly involve full team participation in a fun and engaging environment.

100% Tax Credit Available.

Did you know that in Quebec, team-building programs qualify for the Workforce Skills and Development Recognition Fund? (WSDRF) As accredited trainers, TBMOQ can supply you with the receipts necessary to put the cost of your program towards your training and development budget.

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All our programs are unique. The more you can tell us, the more effective your team building will be.

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We’re asking for an idea of the budget to help us tailor the program to suit your needs. Group size, location, length of time and add-ons all have an impact on the final price. We aim to work with you to get the most out of your program at a price that works for you.

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