Teddy, Set, Go!

Teddy, Set, Go! is a social giveback team-building activity that allows participants to bring a sense of safety and support by creating a little superhero to be given to a child in need.

Not your average stuffy meeting

Participants are tasked with assembling a stuffed animal from materials provided, including furs, stuffing, costumes and custom elements. Once the “easy” part is completed, it is time to take it to the next level by tapping into your creative side and decorating the new furry friend.

Table pleine de toutous

Step out of your comfort zone

This program is ideal for teams looking for ways to practice the value of planning, working with various skill sets and personalities, and having the courage to step out of their comfort zones in order to accomplish a common goal. Participants afraid of failing can look to colleagues for help and need only to think about the brave child who will receive the gift of inspiration and courage.

Teddy, Set, Go! can be done anywhere, takes about an hour, and can be a meaningful
component of an office party, conference or larger event.


  • Time Frame:
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Recommended Group Size:
  • 15 to 300+ participants
  • Period Of The Year:
  • Any time
  • Physical effort:
  • Low
  • Complexity Level:
  • Low
  • Developed Skills:
  • Empathy, resilience, managing change, proper planning, collaboration, knowledge sharing and quality assurance
Table d'une équipe avec des prix de peluches

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