First of all, TBMOQ activities demonstrate to your employees that you are investing in them – and that inspires diligence, loyalty and employee engagement. Subsequently, our activities are specifically designed to deliver such benefits as improved morale, productivity, work cultures, collaboration, communication, problem solving, innovation, decision making, creativity, relationships, retention, employee satisfaction and more. As experts in adult education, we are able to tailor our activities to help you realize the results that best benefit your organization.

Our average group size ranges from 10 to 150 people. However, TBMOQ has the experience, expertise and resources to accommodate groups of 500 participants or more.

Our team building programs and activities take place just about anywhere. The majority of our programs can be delivered indoors and outdoors. Most offices and hotel conference rooms are appropriate for our experiential seminars.

TBMOQ also provides programs internationally and has successfully delivered activities in the US, Europe and across Canada.

TBMOQ delivers impactful team building activities that range in duration from a few hours to several days. Our shortest programs include a series of 30-minute challenges that are ideal ice breakers, energizers and compliments to day-long meetings and multi-day seminars. We can also combine multiple programs for days of entertaining and unforgettable team development events.

Many groups looking to benefit from a full-day event begin with our experiential seminar called What Makes a Team Work? A proven way to promote team development, this activity also serves as the ideal “warm-up” for exciting challenges such as our Urban Challenge, GPS Challenge, Search & Recover and Raft Building programs.

Once you choose your desired program, a TBMOQ facilitator will meet with you to discuss your organization’s learning objectives. The facilitator will request any training materials, presentations, speaker notes and/or reading materials that the participants will receive prior to, or during, their team building activity. This material will be reviewed by the facilitator and used to select, adapt and tailor appropriate experiential learning challenges that compliment and reinforce your overall training objectives.

Note that we will be happy to sign any confidentiality agreement that your organization requires.

TBMOQ offers programs in French and English per client preference. Our programs are often delivered in both languages and we are proud of our ability to provide an excellent bilingual service.

The value of our expertise does not just end with your activity. TBMOQ gives you the added advantage of providing you with “what next” steps and support to effectively drive home lessons learned by participants and strengthen their newly developed skills.

By law, all Quebec companies with a payroll in excess of $2M must allocate the equivalent of 1% of their salary expenses towards employee training and development. Unspent money is taxable whereas funds allocated towards qualified programs are applicable towards a tax credit. This is known as Law 90 or the Loi du 1%.

TBMOQ is accredited by Emploi Quebec and our services qualify for this training and development credit. Additionally, the credit may apply to other expenses that can be associated with our programs, such as transportation, food, facilities rental and salaries.

100% Tax Credit Available.

Did you know that in Quebec, team-building programs qualify for the Workforce Skills and Development Recognition Fund? (WSDRF) As accredited trainers, TBMOQ can supply you with the receipts necessary to put the cost of your program towards your training and development budget.

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All our programs are unique. The more you can tell us, the more effective your team building will be.

*A quick note about your budget

We’re asking for an idea of the budget to help us tailor the program to suit your needs. Group size, location, length of time and add-ons all have an impact on the final price. We aim to work with you to get the most out of your program at a price that works for you.

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