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Our unforgettable programs combine the fun and entertainment of morale-boosting employee appreciation events with purpose-driven experiential learning.

As many of Canada’s top employers already know, an effective team building strategy results in better collaboration, communication, problem solving, innovation and decision making.

Make Transformational Fun part of your solution

Companies often fall into the trap of using “fun” as a one-size-fits-all solution to help increase employee morale, communication, engagement, and trust.

While fun is an important component to any corporate program, fun alone will not yield long-term benefits.

“Transformational Fun” is a multi-dimensional concept that taps into the three most popular corporate activities: Team Building, Team Bonding & Team Development.

Combined, these initiatives will result in enjoyable experiences that are strategically selected to achieve important and sustainable alignment towards better team performance.

When fun is relevant, insightful, and actionable it will change the way your team learns, grows, and profits from their time spent together.

For more information about Transformation Fun, consult our Truth Traps and Tricks article on LinkedIn:

Receive a 100% tax credit

If you would like a apply your team building or team development program to your training and development budget, TBMOQ can provide you with certificates for your employees to apply your program to the Workforce Skills Recognition and Development Fund (WSDRF)

Popular Programs

BBQ Challenge

Inspired by Top Chef, Master Chef and Chopped, our most popular team building challenge ever puts you and your team to the test in this collaborative and competitive culinary challenge.

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High Tech Rally

The High Tech Rally is a fast-paced race through the streets and sites of major cities where teams must find clues, answer questions and complete team challenges to earn the most points possible.

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Simple and intuitive, this revolutionary tool assesses psychological communication preferences. The profile is made up of comprehensive graphs and in-depth descriptions, empowering you to examine and understand your most effective communication tool: yourself.

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