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High Tech Rally

The High Tech Rally is a fast-paced race through the streets and sites of major cities where teams must find clues, answer questions and complete team challenges to earn the most points possible.

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Terra or Empire

Introducing a strategic team-building activity inspired by the game Risk® where teams challenge one another in fun and collaborative games in order to win regions from their competition.

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Our traditional iBingo game has been upgraded to make it more interactive, collaborative and fun.

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Raft Building

Raft Building is a strategic team building activity where participants battle other teams in fun and collaborative team challenges to earn equipment to help build their own raft. Team challenges are designed to be fun yet require a variety of skills such as dexterity, communication and problem solving.

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The Bandit

In today’s increasingly remote work environment, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our true strength lies in working together as a united team, with a common purpose.

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The Urban Challenge

Equipped with maps, spending money and their collective resourcefulness, participants must solve riddles, travel to selected destinations and complete team challenges in a race against the clock and the competition.

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Interactive Pub Quiz

The Interactive Pub Quiz is a new twist on the classic Pub Quiz allowing team members working remotely to play together while answering trivia questions about various topics and locations around the world.

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GPS Challenge

Using GPS units and a questionnaire, each team must locate designated waypoints, solve clues and navigate to their next destination. Goal-setting, cooperation, communication and effective decision making are needed to win this classic game of discovery.

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Our Method Offers More

Everything we do must add value to your organization. Our priority is to ensure that you are doing team building for the right reasons. To be effective, team building should have an objective, tackle a problem, provide a lesson and most importantly involve full team participation in a fun and engaging environment.

100% Tax Credit Available.

Did you know that in Quebec, team-building programs qualify for the Workforce Skills and Development Recognition Fund? (WSDRF) As accredited trainers, TBMOQ can supply you with the receipts necessary to put the cost of your program towards your training and development budget.

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