The World Café

The World Café is an ideal team-building experience for identifying new sales objectives, creating a new corporate culture, designing a new service or product and any initiative that could only work by harnessing the experience and knowledge of each member of your team.

Meaningful and actionable objectives are best established through conversation, not a presentation!

The term “World Café,” like “team building,” has been misused and diluted by individuals lacking the requisite skills and experience to create and manage impactful experiences. As a result, if you or any of your colleagues are rolling your eyes at the mention of these terms, we’re here to assist in setting things straight.

Bring out your team's collective intelligence

The World Café is a conversational process based on a set of integrated design principles. Simple yet powerful, World Cafés can evoke and make visible the collective intelligence of any group. If you are tired of the same old predictable process of PowerPoint presentations followed by a question and answer period, it’s time to checkout this program.


  • Time Frame:
  • 2-4 hours
  • Recommended Group Size:
  • 10 to 300+ participants
  • Period Of The Year:
  • Any time
  • Physical effort:
  • Low
  • Complexity Level:
  • Low
  • Developed Skills:
  • Communication, active listening, testing multiple solutions, presenting ideas, accountability, communicating results, strategic planning.

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