eMazing Race

Introducing an online version of the Amazing Race designed specifically to accommodate remote teams in a fun yet educational manner.

Travel the world without leaving your desk

Inspired by the Amazing Race, this activity was designed specifically to accommodate employees working remotely.

In this version of the popular TV show, teams of 3-5 people visit the World’s most popular destinations through a shared screen using tools such as Google Maps, 360 degree images and more. Each team must solve riddles and answer questions in order to move to the next destination in a race against the clock and the competition.

Practice the key elements to remote teamwork

This fun and exciting game puts into practice all the elements of effective remote teamwork, such as sharing screens, division of tasks, coming to a consensus and dealing with roadblocks.

Participants will practice working as a team while using online tools to research subject matter, solve problems, discuss strategy and make joint decisions – and get to visit some of the world’s top destinations such as the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Eiffel Tower and much more.


  • Time Frame:
  • 45-120 minutes
  • Recommended Group Size:
  • 4 to 500+ participants
  • Location:
  • Online
  • Complexity Level:
  • Medium-High
  • Developed Skills:
  • Goal-setting, cooperation, communication, effective decision making, dealing with adversity.

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