Don’t just break the ice…crush it!

We’ve upgraded our traditional iBingo game to make it even more interactive, collaborative and fun.

In this friendly competition, participants try to associate fun facts with the different members of their group.  With zero preparation required, U-Turn can be offered as an ice-breaker anywhere, at any time, to add a little excitement to your corporate event, meeting, or social gathering.

3 easy steps:

  1. Scan a QR Code
  2. Create a profile with a fun fact and a selfie
  3. Start your investigation with the electronic game card!

Each time a participant correctly identifies someone’s fun fact, their picture appears on their card. It’s like a detective version of the classic game of bingo!

We created U-Turn because we believe it is easier to break bread* with someone once you’ve broken the ice! How well do you know the members of your team? How well do they know you? Give us a call and let’s find out!

Combine U-Turn with Empire, The Ramp, Interactive Pub Quiz, eMazing Race, or any number of our online and in-person activities to ensure your team starts off on the right foot!



Time Frame: 15 to 45 minutes

Recommended group size: 10 to 300+

Period of the year: Year round

Complexity level: Very easy

Category: Team Bonding (in-person or Online)

I wanted to reach out and thank you for a great seamless, professionally supported digital team build of “U-Turn” for my client last week.

Your team was great and made the planning process pain-free.  Big thanks to Jill and Dylan especially for being on standby for any technical issues – it was really appreciated.


— Susanne Gage - Owner
Susanne Gage Communications

“What a great event, thanks so much. Would highly recommend the trio of activities Empire, The Ramp and U-turn!”

— Alex Jackson
Northleaf Capital Partners.