“The Ramp” is a new team building activity that requires true teamwork where all members are accountable for the results.

Given limited time and resources and a clear mandate to follow, teams must organize themselves efficiently to built a ramp made entirely of straws, capable of transporting a ball a minimum of five meters by the pull of gravity alone. The catch is that the ramp is made up of multiple sections built by teams who have very limited communication during the construction phase.

Participants must embrace and apply key elements of effective teams or they will fail.

This is one of the most impactful team building programs because it allows teams to identify where they feel they are strongest and where they could improve (even if they successfully complete the challenge).

Combine this program with What Makes a Team Work or Search and Recover for a more complete learning activity.

Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for the team building event during our Quality Summit!  Our group really appreciated the experience and are still talking about it two days later.  Let’s just say it had the intended result!

It was an excellent team building activity, our team really enjoyed it and many lessons were drawn from the experience. Your team is very professional and Marc Merulla did a fantastic job. Thanks again.

— Anthony Grace Couture, MGP

“The Ramp challenge brought unity and allowed interaction and team work with colleagues who work for different teams within one same department. The entire team truly enjoyed the event and we were very happy with our decision to hire Team Building Montreal!”

— Ximena Hernandez

Catering Specialist, Air Canada