You’ve seen Top Chef, Master Chef or Chopped, now you can try it in our most popular team building challenge ever: The BBQ Challenge!

In the BBQ Challenge, teams compete in challenges in order to win cash. They must then buy food at the market in order to create and cook the tastiest dish for their team and our judges! All teams eventually benefit from their mutual efforts and goal achievement as they feast together on the delicious meals that they have prepared.

This challenge will increase communication, cooperation, leadership, creativity and ability to work under pressure.

It was just a wonderful day.

The employees loved it and we all left with great anecdotes and photos!

I’d like to thank you for accompanying us so well during our BBQ Challenge. It was a really great day from start to finish!
We came away with lots of memorable anecdotes and photos, thanks to the great camaraderie you instilled in our teams.

We’d also like to highlight the excellent work of your employees, with a special mention to Jill and Marc for organizing this magnificent day.
We look forward to seeing you again soon for another event!

Thanks again for your great collaboration and we won’t wait 3 years to enjoy your great activities.

— Tania Tavares Brum
Social Committee of the Groupement des assureurs automobiles

A highly original experience that surprised the entire team! A great success all around! We’ll definitely want to repeat the experience next year, under a different format, and you’ll certainly be one of the organizations we’ll be turning to to explore new ideas!

— Elise Dunberry-Gibeau - Human Resources Manager

The TBMOQ team was fantastic to work with and kept everything running smoothly. It was great that everything was taken care of and we didn’t have to worry about set-up, clean-up etc. The activity accomplished what it set out to– everyone bonded, met new people, worked together and it had a very positive effect on office morale, and really helped integrate the new hires. Fun factor was high – I got great feedback from all employees who participated the next day. Appreciated the attention to reducing waste, composting etc. Fantastic!

— Roxanne Bichard
Luxury Retreats

“We have had wonderful feedback from the team, everyone had fun. It is highly praised here as the best team event they have ever participated in.

This was everything we were hoping to get out of this event.”

— Eunice Hooper
Electronic Arts – Montreal

“I just wanted to relay a big thank you again from me and on behalf of all BCA for the amazing event you and your team put for us. The feedback we got was, unsurprisingly, extremely positive. We especially revelled in the fact that the few individuals who were sceptical going in had nothing but great remarks about the event. We will definitely keep in touch and we look forward to organizing the next event with you!”

— Bassam Nawfal
Associate Editor, BCA Research

“I just wanted to tell you that I loved the BBQ Challenge! Everything went really smoothly and I had a ton of fun. I got to meet a lot of people I don’t usually interact with here at work, which was my favourite aspect of the evening.”

— Jason Glassbourg
Operations Analyst, BNP Paribas

“I just wanted to thank you! You are an extraordinary team, devoted, committed to solutions, available when needed, in short, it is a pleasure working with you each year. Our clients and employees have also sent me their comments full of praise from the event. A huge success!

Thanks for a magnificent evening! ”

— Véronique Gendron
Solution 360, Transcontinental Media