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When you choose TBMOQ and Beyond, you give your employees an excellent opportunity to connect and relate to each other on both personal and professional levels. Our activities promote healthy team dynamics while stimulating collaboration, conversation, trust, bonding and an understanding of the true value of belonging to something larger than oneself.



Why Team Building Is The Most Important Investment You’ll Make

Effective team building means more engaged employees.

“Despite its reputation, team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. Here’s why.”

With over 1500 programs successfully delivered, we have been told that what sets us apart is our ability to consistently deliver on these key ingredients for successful events:

Participant Accountability and Responsibility

When participants know that their performance and behaviours will have a measurable impact on the value of the program, their levels of engagement, integrity, and contributions increase immensely.

Creativity and Innovation

With close to 50% repeat customers annually we cannot permit ourselves to sit on our laurels!


The last thing you want is for participants to feel like they have wasted their time. Your input helps us create something that will be meaningful for your group.

Free plan b

We think it would be irresponsible to create an outdoor event without a plan for bad weather.  The safety and enjoyment of your team depends on it.

In all seasons, TBMOQ delivers meaningful and memorable experiential learning activities in various scenic locations or right in your workplace.

Our indoor and outdoor activities can be delivered as standalone events or incorporated into meetings, workshops, presentations, seminars, education programs and corporate training.

More than just an award-winning provider of team building activities, we’re experts in adult education and professional development training.

Our #1 industry status is driven by our ability to consistently deliver meaningful and impactful team development programming that promotes change and enhances any HR initiative.