fun, engaging and effective ways to learn


Our unforgettable programs combine the fun and entertainment of morale-boosting employee appreciation events with purpose-driven experiential learning.

As many of Canada’s top employers already know, TBMOQ is a cost-effective way to realize such benefits as improved productivity, a better work culture, and increased morale. An effective team building program results in better collaboration, communication, problem solving, innovation and decision making.

Combined these things lead to increased  employee retention & satisfaction.


a stronger sense of unity and synergy


If your organization lacks a strong team dynamic, its potential is likely being limited by poor communication, lost productivity and unhealthy competition that can promote hostility and a lack of cooperation between employees.


choose from our popular activities


or have us develop unique programs tailored for you


Some of our clients simply want to enjoy a series of unforgettably fun and entertaining activities that promote teamwork, communication and problem solving. Others seek the added value of tailored programs that also compliment their corporate training and development initiatives, deliver key learning objectives and qualify for refunds under Law 90 for Quebec-based businesses.

Whatever your needs, TBMOQ has the expertise, resources and experience to exceed your expectations


benefit from THE WSDRF (Formerly LAW 90)


Get A TAX CREDIT  your team building program


[Available only for Quebec-based companies]

As per Revenu Québec:

“In Quebec, if your total payroll exceeds $2 million, you are required to participate in workforce skills development for the year by allotting an amount representing at least 1% of your total payroll to eligible training expenditures. If you do not do this, you will be required to pay into the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund (WSDRF) a contribution equal to the difference between 1% of your total payroll and the amount of your eligible training expenditures.”

As accredited trainers by Emploi Québec, TBMOQ can supply you with the receipts necessary to put the cost of your team building program towards your training and development budget.

Click here for more information from Revenu Québec.