Inspired by The Amazing Race, this entertaining program equips teams with maps, spending money and route envelopes. The Urban Challenge takes participants out of the office and into the city to discover rich heritage, interesting facts and a little more about their co-workers and themselves.

Travelling by bus, metro, foot and taxi, teams must arrive at various destinations and successfully complete tasks in order to reveal clues to ensuing locations. The team that completes the race in the fastest time wins.

“I just wanted to let you know that we had a LOT of fun yesterday and everyone just LOVED it! I think we will have many stories to tell for many years to come!”

— Laurence Trudeau

“Our experience was absolutely unforgettable. TBMOQ’s fun and challenging activities were extremely well-organized and really emphasized the fundamentals of how to work effectively in teams.”

— Kalila Harriott
Training Coordinator, Hatch Corporate Learning Centre