A Battle for World Domination

Empire is a strategic team building activity inspired by the game Risk® where participants battle other teams in fun and immersive games in order to conquer territories in a quest for world domination. Like Risk®, Empire is surprisingly simple and fun.

WARNING: Empire is not a good fit for companies looking fill a few hours with a mindless game. This fast-paced activity promotes effective decision-making, strategic thinking, and continuous improvement.

Our staff and sales reps loved the Empire activity! We all had a great time and it was a great team building event. The entire TBMOQ group is wonderful and we enjoy their programs so much that we keep returning year after year.

— Angie Patsios
Operations Manager - Automobility Distribution

Empire allowed the management of La Vie en Rose to live a unique experience aligning strategy, action and fun.  The program helped improve team bonding and team dynamics. We recommend TBMOQ for their professionalism, energy and originality. Thanks again and until next time.


— Karine Turgeon
Human Resources Manager - La Vie en Rose

Thank you!!!!!! Empire was very successful and you responded so well and quickly.

I appreciate all that you do.

— Lorraine Bowles
Sr Meeting Manager | BCD Meetings & Events