Inspired by the Amazing Race, this activity was designed specifically to accommodate employees working remotely.

For this competition, each team will visit the World’s most popular destinations using

  • Google Maps & Street View
  • 360-degree photos,
  • Internet research tools and
  • our exclusive online game.

Each team must solve riddles and answer questions to move to the next destination in a sprint against the clock and the competition.

This fun and exciting team builder puts into practice all the elements of effective teamwork, such as:

  • division of tasks,
  • collaboration,
  • continuous improvement
  • coming to a consensus and
  • dealing with roadblocks.

Available in English and French, this heart-pumping, 5-star rated program, provides Serious Fun.

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Our distributed and diverse team of 15 had a blast with the eMazing Race. Our team includes software engineers, product managers, program managers, UX designers, learning designers, tech writers. Everyone enjoyed the well-designed puzzles, had a ton of fun, thought the questions were a good level of difficulty, and the small breakout groups made it easy to participate and connect. We loved learning alongside each other, and leaning into our curiosities, in a collaborative way. Thanks TBMOQ!

— John Atwood

The team is well prepared and the activities are well run. We have had trainings with them previously both in person and virtually and always find them to be well prepared and fun activities. The activities are challenging and offer lots of learning about teamwork and self.




— Kelly Moore - Executive assistant to the office of the chief actuary
Office of the Superintendent for Financial Institutions

We have participated in TBMOQ’s eMazing Race and Pub Quiz and everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed themselves. Marc and his team kept us informed as we neared the event date and made sure we were prepared to have a good time. Would highly recommend them.



— Leslie Greenfield - Director, Practice Audits
Law Society of Ontario

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, we’ve done several different virtual events. We’ve organized our own, we’ve done escape rooms, and nothing was as well run as the E-Mazing race event. We had over 70% attendance rate with several 1st-time participants. I’ve been asked when the next one will be.

— Jodie Brennan
Automatic Systems

Thanks again for the game today, it was excellent.  Marc – you are a very dynamic host and the platform is great, super engaging!  We hope to be able to work with you again in person!

— Melina Tondino, CHRP/CRHA, MBA | Director, HR and Talent Management
McGill University (University Advancement)
[TBMOQ] is professional, accommodating and friendly! Thanks to them, we were able to benefit from a quality activity meeting our needs as a Not-for-Profit. We had a lot of fun playing the eMazing race. Divided into small teams, it was intense: competition, the discovery of personality traits and fun.

— Julia Dessalles, Prevention advisor - health and well-being at work
Association Quebecois des CPE


Great organization, very responsive and clear in their communication. The team was super happy with both events! (The Bandit + eMazing Race Highly recommended.
— Celine Jolivet, Coordinator, PG&M
McMillan LLP

The eMazing Race was an absolute blast. Laurence and Chloe were so awesome. The explanation of the game was clear, they checked in to ensure that all groups were making progress and I really appreciated their attention to details. My team loved this event and really appreciated the time together. We are definitely doing another activity with them soon!

— Sara Otto,

The dynamics of your team is simply magical! Everyone was motivated to travel through the 7 wonders of the world in record time after your introduction. You are a dynamic and well-organized team. I have already recommended you to one of my colleagues for his team activity! Thank you for everything!

— Melanie LaBadie, District Manager Rheumatology Quebec

Honestly, this is by far the activity that our team has enjoyed the most since the beginning of COVID. A big thank you for the success of this event.

— Francis Arnaud Marcotte, Lawyer
Therrien Coutune Jolicoeur Group

On behalf of the whole team, a big thank you to you and Marc for providing us with an interactive activity to end the week on a high note. So far, we have received only positive feedback. Our colleagues had a great time.

— Cecilia Chan

Many thanks to [TBMOQ] for the excellent service and the great experience. From the start, we have been supported by your available, professional and friendly team. You were there to answer our questions during the preparation for the activity. The eMazing Race was greatly appreciated by all of our staff. You have accompanied us well through this adventure!

We will not hesitate to use your services again.

A big thank you!

— Noémie Léveillé
Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec
I have received a lot of very positive feedback from multiple colleagues.
Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the challenge. In addition, our main objective of getting people to interact with each other has been fully achieved.

Very well designed and put together. Flawless execution. Thank you both!

— Jay Opyrchal, Director, Logistics & Operations
VLM Foods

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed The eMazing Race. You were great at tying everything back to our Purpose, Ambition and Values. Personally, watching my team go from a team of four unknowns to a pretty well-functioning team by the end of it was amazing (or e-mazing) and was a perfect insight into some of the challenges and opportunities we face. From what I could see, all the team leaders did a great job and it was fun. Good work.

— Bruce H. Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Positive: Communication, Professionalism
It was a pleasure to work with TBMOQ and organize a virtual E-Mazing Race in our company. It was a fun team building activity for 160+ participants from different time zones; it went smoothly and was a big success. Marc, Laurence and their team was always helpful and flexible to fulfill our special requests. Thank you TBMOQ, hope to do another fun event with you soon!

— Adam Demjen, Senior Staff Backend Developer
Our team of just under 40 people are very competitive and both the International Pub Quiz and eMazing Race events were ideal for them. Lots of fun, entailing working together. The Race was very well organized and flowed well. The organizers are prompt to answer emails and questions. I highly recommend this company for your online team building events.
— Norma John | Specialist Budget/Admin
Nissan Canada Inc.

TBMOQ really turned things around during this pandemic. Our company used their team building services in the past in person and the activities were awesome. This year, with the pandemic, we really were not sure how we would proceed, both for our team building event and our traditional Holiday office party. Well, TBMOQ came through for us. They put together virtual activities that were enjoyed by all. First it was an Emazing race around the world from the comfort of our home offices. Some of those questions were hard but we had a lot of fun. Then, it was the Virtual World Trivia – Holiday style, again from the comfort of our home offices. Everyone had lots of fun. Thanks to the team. Great work.

— JP D

It was a great pleasure to be part of the eMazing race that took place yesterday during the annual team building event at Ipex. You have a great product and can’t imagine what you can experience through the other products in your portfolio. Please know that I have taken good note of your company and will promote it without hesitation.

I will keep good memories of it and it is to be noted that the educational aspect is already in place!

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

The online E-Mazing Race was a great way to team build, across different departments and from different locations! It was well organized, the ‘right’ amount of challenging and the hosts were terrific!

The E-Mazing Race allowed us to work together, solve things as a team and connect with teammates. Everyone had a blast and loved working together, you’ve brightened our week, in these times where we don’t get to meet up in the Office.

— Sara Vanos, Director, Marketing
HEC Paris

The eMazing Race was very fun for our group. The TBMOQ team was very helpful with all of the pre-event preparation and in answering all of our questions.
We were able to do a demo and a captains demo to ensure familiarity with the platform. At the event itself, some of our team members had tech issues but the TBMOQ team was great at quickly addressing those and solving the issues.
The questions in the game were complex and fun to answer. I would definitely recommend this as a corporate team building event!

— Anna Chen, CPA, CA Financial Analyst

A turnkey activity that gets everyone involved and makes us forget the irritants and stress of videoconferencing and  zoom encounters. A lot of fun, and above all, very professional.

— Marie-Hélène Lamarche, VP Marketing & Communications
Films Séville

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing activity today! This was so much fun to see all of our colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, having a good time. This is exactly what we needed after months of working from home.

As always, the activity ran smoothly, the team was great and made this so much easier on me who was organizing this event.

Thank you for a great activity! Looking forward to working together in future events.

— Dina Medeiros, Human Resources Director
Paladin Labs

5 Stars

We had a lot of fun during the planned activity. For us, the organizers, it was a turnkey solution. Well done!

— Denis Alarie
Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance

A big big thank you to the whole TBMOQ team for the activity!

It was such a huge hit! I think it was the perfect activity to boost morale & team spirit!

I’ll definitely be in touch for future events!


— Dania Caggiano  Marketing & Events Specialist

5 stars. Our team of 38 took part in the Emazing Race Online team building activity and we loved our experience. Difficult to find good cohesion activities in times of pandemic, but this allowed us to work as a team while having fun! The Team Building Montreal team is professional, efficient and friendly! :)

— Charlotte Couture, VP Logistics
Comité de consultation en Gestion de Polytechnique

This pandemic has not been easy on anyone and in my opinion, team morale is needed more than ever. A few weeks ago, I reached out to an agency that specializes in different team building and team bonding activities. They talked about their new offer: the eMazing race; a fully virtual activity that has you race across the world answering questions. The quick demo they took me through had me sold! I knew my colleagues would enjoy this.

We held the activity at a company-wide level this past Monday. 60 employees, from all over Montreal, Laval and even overseas took part in this event.

TBMOQ hosted this game in a flawless way. The platform was user-friendly, easy to navigate and the logistics behind the entire process was seamless and all employees had a blast!

— Guyane H Potter

The TBMOQ team was most professional and offered a first-class experience. It was a pleasure to work with them and our startups also greatly appreciated the eMazing Race. Thank you!

— Simon Dandavino, Director of Operations
Next AI

The team loved this game! This is proof that “Remote Team Building”  is possible and fun! It was an opportunity for us to have a good time as a team, to learn to work in collaboration, to think about our approach, and all this while having fun! Kudos to the TBMOQ team for creating this game!

— Anonymous feedback
My team and I participated to the eMazing Race. This was our first “tele-team building” activity and we loved it! Everyone had a good time and we improved our collaboration skills. I recommend it!
— Cindy Talbot

Great working with Marc and Phil for our client event – professional, helpful and fun guys and made for a great experience with our 35 clients!

— Allan Cole
Casualty Facultative Underwriter at Gen Re

Amazing online team building activity! Lots of fun and excitement while staying at home!

— Morgane Adam
Program Coordinator at Fenix Event Management
We had such a great experience with their team building activity! It was something unique and is especially useful when so many people are working from home.
— Amanda Dmytryshyn
Senior Program Manager at Fenix Event Management