Travel the World without leaving your home or office in our new Online Team Building activity.

Introducing an online version of the Amazing Race designed specifically to accommodate remote teams.

In this version of the popular show, you visit the World’s most popular destinations through Google Maps, 360 degree videos and more. Your team must solve riddles and answer questions in order to move to your next destination in a race against the clock and the competition.

This fun and exciting game puts into practice all the elements of effective remote teamwork, such as sharing screens, division of tasks, coming to a consensus and dealing with frustration and roadblocks.

5 stars. Our team of 38 took part in the Emazing Race Online team building activity and we loved our experience. Difficult to find good cohesion activities in times of pandemic, but this allowed us to work as a team while having fun! The Team Building Montreal team is professional, efficient and friendly! :)

— Charlotte Couture, VP Logistics
Comité de consultation en Gestion de Polytechnique

This pandemic has not been easy on anyone and in my opinion, team moral is needed more than ever. A few weeks ago, I reached out to an agency that specializes in different team building and team bonding activities. They talked about their new offer : the emazing race; a fully virtual activity that has you race across the world answering questions. The quick demo they took me through had me sold ! I knew my colleagues would enjoy this.

We held the activity at a company wide level this past Monday. 60 employees, from all over Montreal, Laval and even overseas took part in this event.

TBMOQ hosted this game in a flawless way. The platform was user friendly, easy to navigate and the logistics behind the entire process what seamless and all employees had a blast !

— Guyane H Potter

The TBMOQ team was most professional and offered a first-class experience. It was a pleasure to work with them and our startups also greatly appreciated the eMazing Race. Thank you!

— Simon Dandavino, Director of Operations
Next AI

The team loved this game! This is proof that “Remote Team Building”  is possible and fun! It was an opportunity for us to have a good time as a team, to learn to work in collaboration, to think about our approach, and all this while having fun! Kudos to the TBMOQ team for creating this game!

— Anonymous feedback
My team and I participated to the eMazing Race. This was our first “tele-team building” activity and we loved it! Everyone had a good time and we improved our collaboration skills. I recommend it!
— Cindy Talbot

Great working with Marc and Phil for our client event – professional, helpful and fun guys and made for a great experience with our 35 clients!

— Allan Cole
Casualty Facultative Underwriter at Gen Re

Amazing online team building activity! Lots of fun and excitement while staying at home!

— Morgane Adam
Program Coordinator at Fenix Event Managemen
We had such a great experience with their team building activity! It was something unique and is especially useful when so many people are working from home. -
— Amanda Dmytryshyn
Senior Program Manager at Fenix Event Management